TIVO specialises in prefabricated timber frame houses technology as well as the modular system. Modular housing is a very modern and advanced building system and it’s slowly replacing the traditional building technologies. The modular system is based on the technology of timber frame, where fully finished modules are produced in the factory. Modular houses can be built in different sizes – one module can serve as a small apartment or as a part of a larger house.


Timber frame homes is a very popular type of construction nowadays due to their high energy efficiency. Timber frame homes have relatively lower construction costs, due to panels being prefabricated in a factory, which saves both time and money. Our TIVO design catalogue allows you to find solutions to meet any customer’s wishes, as well as get ideas for new solutions.


TIVO timber frame and modular home designers, architects, engineers and technicians tasks are to make your dreams and desires into successful projects. We always prepare the house design in line with national traditions, construction laws, and in accordance with 5th Euro code. TIVO offers each customer an individually designed and developed project as well a choice of our standard design projects.


Prefabricated timber frame houses consist of wall, ceiling and roof panels that are manufactured in our factory by precisely made technical drawings. The production process in the factory is not affected by the climatic conditions, and that makes managing quality of the product more effective. In the production of TIVO timber frame panel and modular homes all the materials that are being used have a valid European Union certificate.


Industrial production allows to produce panels in the factory while carrying out preparatory works at the building site – ground works, erection of foundations and construction of utility networks. Produced panels are carefully transported to the construction site, where the assembly assembly process takes place. Thoughtfully made construction and assembly solutions allow the construction take place at any season  – even in winter.


We are here to help turn your dreams and desires into well made design projects. Our provided high quality of timber frame homes confers resistance, durability and beauty, which will be appreciated by anyone. By operating in the market for almost 20 years, TIVO has accumulated extensive experience by implementing a variety of timber frame construction projects – private homes, apartment buildings, social housing, residential villages, educational institutions and other projects.