Our newest project in Gustavsberg, Sweden

Our newest project in Gustavsberg, Sweden

TIVO’s next project takes our team to Swedish town called Gustavsberg, residing just 20 minutes outside of Stockholm. Gustavsberg town is renowned for its beauty and landscapes as well as the home to one of the oldest porcelain factories in Sweden.

Housing the best craftsmen for just shy of a century the factory has helped to carry out Gustavsberg’s name far outside the town’s borders.

Even though, the factories “porcelain” days are behind it. Exciting times await it. The factory building will serve as the pillar for the new neighbourhood as it will turn into a lively modern home for Gustavsberg’s ever-expanding community.

We are proud that our innovative housing solutions will have a crucial part of the revival of this landmark. What once was the porcelain hub of Stockholm archipelagos is now converted into a modern apartment building. The building is designed with
people in mind. Everything from rooftop decks to underground bike storage has been designed to be convenient for the future residents.

The combination of innovation and modern architecture has given foundation to truly beautiful design. It has been a crucial task to have the building built in a way that it could serve as a testimony of areas great industrial history.

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