Our new market- Iceland

In 2017 TIVO entered a new market- Iceland. Starting discussions about the potential projects in May, we are now already in the middle of construction works of the third private house in Mosfelbaer, two other-  in Höfn and in Árskógssandur are finished, and five more in different stages of projecting and manufacturing.

First, we had to understand the building requirements of Iceland which appeared to be quite different from other countries due to the climatic conditions. Although Iceland is a beautiful and unique country, when speaking about the construction of buildings we must take into consideration the high wind and snow loads. To bear them, our engineers had to put their heads together to ensure the stability of the house. Also, it was interesting for us to get to know, that despite the winds and the air temperature not exceeding + 15◦C in average during the summertime, the houses are always warm as they are heated with the abundant thermal energy- hot water. This makes us, Latvians, who pay a lot for heating, jealous when we hear that the thermal waters must be cooled down before pumped further into the house, so the temperature of the water does not exceed 65◦C- to avoid any possibility of scald.

A mere century ago Iceland was the poorest country in Europe, but now it is the 9th wealthiest economics in Europe. Property development is booming, and having wooden houses becomes more popular as they are environment friendly and fit better into the Iceland’s unspoiled nature. Although our people sometimes must work in extreme weather conditions- heavy and freezing North wind and snowstorms, we are happy to be there and build quality timber frame houses for the hospitable and pleasant Icelandic people.

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