TIVO timber frame house designers – architects, engineers and technicians task is to make your dreams and wishes come true. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in designing residential houses, apartment buildings, developing house drawings, technical projects and assembling projects. While working in various European countries like Latvia, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany we have gained a major experience in designing houses. Wherever you will decide to build your next house, we will adjust the design according to your national traditions, regulations and by the 5th Euro Code. If you trust the designing process to TIVO you will get a professional partner who will transfer your dreams into a design while doing it according to all the requirements of the Building Code.

If you have decided to build a house, you will need a design. Your new house has to be cozy, comfortable and well planned. The house has to serve you, make your everyday life easier. That’s why it is so important to choose correctly from one of our already made designs or to develop a new design specified to meet your needs and desires with our architects.

Individual design

koka_karkasa_maju_razosanas_materialiOur company’s priority is building private houses according to specific designs specially made for our clients. Our goal is to build your dream house, while cooperating with you until you can receive the keys of your new house.

People are different and so are their dream places to live. That’s why each of us can develop our dream places according to our wants and needs.

Still, have you pictured everything, even the smallest details of your dream house, or you just have a vision of the look of it? Come to us and we will help you realize your dream!

Standard designs

We offer not only individual designs but also standard, already made designs and architecture company’s standard projects.tipveida_projekti

In our catalogue, you can find and choose one of our 1000 already made designs. You can also fetch ideas for your individual design from the catalogue.

In this catalogue, we have collected designs of various size and style houses. For your convenience, you can access a search system that allows you to find everything you want and browse faster.


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