Preliminary design

Janis 3D DA brunaPreliminary design of your house

The construction of a house is a serious investment in your future. You can choose one of our already made designs or a design from our partners. But does it conform with your ideas about your dream house and does it balance with your budget?

Preliminary design’s task is to create a specific design according to your desires and needs and to keep it in balance with your budget. If you order a drawing project you will get not only the drawing, but also a consultation and advice.

In order, for a house to be in harmony with its surroundings and you, the main focus points have to be its facade, colors and roof solutions. The easiest way to control the style and the character of your house is to change these things. While living in a house we choose to be closer to the nature and to spend more time outdoors, these are the reasons why facade matters.
Siču projekts

Tell us about your desires and we will help you to visualize them. For your comfort, we have made a form, which can help you to tell us your desires and needs.

Everyone usually has a budget set in mind that they can invest in their future dream house. That’s why it is so important to keep everything in balance with your budget from the moment when the first sketches are made. Our experience allows us to evaluate your solutions and advice you any alternatives, still we leave the final choice up to you.

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