House pressure test

IMG_0068 Our houses are constructed in a way to grant maximally high heat insulation and density. That’s why we offer to make a house pressure test so that professional construction physicists can approve the quality of our houses.

We offer you to cooperate with certified Latvian specialists, who will do a house pressure test or so called “Blower Door” test after your request. The main goal of this test is to discover holes in the construction and check house’s tightness.


The test is done by applying a special system called “Blower Door” which will both decrease and increase the density inside the room in that way simulating wind. Afterwards using a Thermocamera and smoke generator specialist will find those places in a room which are letting air through.

Tivo works after high building standards, it’s because we have a huge experience working abroad where these tests are a necessity to
give the house away for exploitation.

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