In the process of building the most important thing is the quality. The evaluation of gravel, correctly placed foundations and correctly built and protected frame is the key to durability and longevity of the house.

Quickness – allows to produce house elements at the same moments when foundations are made, after that making assembly fast, which will reduce time spent on building and the risk of inflation.

House can be built in any season 

Factory production allows to reduce “the climate factor” to minimum, so it is possible to build house in both winter and summer;

It is hard to count all external finishing materials, which can be used for timber frame house external finishing. That’s why we will focuss on the more important ones. Though it’s worth remembering that there is no restrictions to internal finishings. Inner walls can be:
· painted. It will be easy to clean them and you can set a different mood to the room if you re-paint it,
· paperhang. This will add a cozy fell to the room, it can also add luxury, if you choose the right paperhang,
· cover with tiles. This is a solution for rooms with high humidity level (bathrooms, swimming pool room, etc.),
· close with finishing planks. This solution ought to be chosen to make a cozy and natural environment in the room.
While making the internal interior, it is best to combine multiple finishing solutions. It allows to make a cozy, functional and well-looking room.
As the main solutions for floor we suggest – tiles, planks, laminate, parquet, linoleum, etc.

For external finishing it is possible to use :
· facade plaster,
· plank closing,
· brings,
· facade plates,
· natural rock imitating tiles,
· and other materials.
Also there is no restrictions regarding the choice of roof covering. You can use bitumen, clay or concrete roofing tiles, or one of the tin roof covers.

Also we would like to mention that every economy should be economical. When ordering the house you should reconsider the insulation of windows and outer door and also the thicknes of wall and roof insulation. It is important to understand why it is better to use rockwool or eco wool not other ways of insulation while building a timber frame house and what kind of heating to choose. While looking at the price, you have to pay attention to the house set, architectural design and key plan. It is worthy to find out if you need a vapor barrier, wind barrier, anti-condensation film and facade ventilation.

Modern technologies and materials allows to build resistant, safe and durable timber frame houses, which can serve up to 100 years. On the other hand, the rhythm of our lives is fast and it is changing all the time, so we can’t know what our taste will be after 50 years. The most modern house may not be modern after 50 years. So we can say that timber frame house will serve great as long as it will meat your wishes and likes.

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