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TIVO has worked 25 years in the industry. All while developing high quality, sustainable prefabricated timber frame element, and modular house solutions

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Either you are a specialist or just starting your first project. We got you covered. TIVO has been working for more than 25 years in the timber frame industry. Hence, we can guarantee your project will comply with the latest local regulations and terms. If you want to find out more, then go to our blog section. 

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TIVO custom production process is designed to be flexible. We work with small family homes, multi-story apartment buildings and everything in between.

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Individual design

We have made custom solutions for every step of the project. They will work with any modern, traditionals and individual house designs.

Efficient construction

When we are working on timber frame house and modular house kits. The local contractors can already do the groundworks at the same time. Therefore cutting the total project time.

Green technology

Europe is moving towards more sustainable construction in future. Timber frame production reduces carbon footprint. All while raising the energy efficiency of the houses.

Fast delivery

We are continuously working on making the delivery faster. Meanwhile, retaining the quality of the elements.

Timber frame houses

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Timber frame house concept is widely known and trusted in Northern Europe. Here are the reasons behind it!

  • Wood structure, combined with our solutions, will fit nearly any design.
  • Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials.
  • Standard procedures in the factory reduce the error risks. So it helps us to monitor the quality in all stages.
  • Production compared to site construction is free of weather impact. 

Modular houses

Modular house concept improves timber frame technology. In other words, we do most of the work in the factory. Here are the main benefits!

  • We are producing modular houses in a factory. Consequently, local contractors can work on groundworks at the same time. After delivery, it takes just a few days to put the house together. 
  • Regular quality control in every step of the way.
  • Works at the site usually cost more than at the factory.
  • Total delivery time is cut down when compared to on-site construction.

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Why us?


Factory production is easier to control and improve. Therefore, making it faster than working on site.


We monitor quality in every step of the production. Eliminating costly redos on-site.


We have been working in the timber frame industry for more than 25+ years. During which we have made custom solutions for every project stage.

Individual approach

Our main goal is to help you overcome all the hurdles in the project. And make the whole process easier.

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Are you just starting your project? Find inspiration in our completed reference projects and see how our architects can help you.


Take a look at some of the projects we have finished in the last two decades.

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Here's what our clients say:

TIVO built a private house for my family in Stockholm, Sweden. The quality of the materials and the construction structure is outstanding. I’m sure the building will last for a lifetime. Most of all, I am impressed with TIVO professional staff. I’m a builder myself. Hence, I know all the specifics of the construction process to verify TIVO’s competency. The personnel made sure to communicate all the necessary details with me. They gave a direct response and accurate information. If there was a problem in structural design. It was solved straightaway in 30 minutes with the help of an architect.

Thomas Johansson

Builder from Sweden

We are very happy with the house, it has been built to last and it looks really nice. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased my family and I are with the outstanding work and communication provided by TIVO throughout the entire project. From the initial planning stages to the final finishing touches, they demonstrated a high level of professionalism and dedication.

Jeanette Aronsen

Customers from Norway


During the time TIVO worked on building my family house, they were nothing less than professional. All works were done with high quality. They were quick to react to non-standard situations. With Inga’s and representative Gunnlaugur’s help, the whole process was an exciting experience for us. I am satisfied with the way TIVO do their job. I highly recommend TIVO to anyone who wants to have great support and quality in the construction process.My family and I are grateful to have our beautiful house finally. We are truly happy with it!

Jón Geir and family

Customers from Iceland

I bought a house from TIVO at 2020 and I am very satisfied with everything from delivery, assembly and the their commitment. We were kept well informed about the progress at every stage, and any questions or concerns we had were addressed quickly and effectively. This level of transparency and responsiveness greatly eased the entire construction process and gave us peace of mind. Most of all I am very satisfied with the quality of the house!

Ragnar Edstrand

Customers from Sweden

We use EU-Certified materials only

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