Five good reasons why timber modular apartment homes are the future

Environmental impact is becoming an increasingly topical issue among many economic spheres. It is especially important to talk about it in context of the construction industry, which is traditionally regarded as more hazardous on our environment compared to other industrial sectors. With 2015 UN Paris climate summit agreement to move towards zero net greenhouse-gas emissions, more governments are imposing obligations of zero carbon standards in house building, which points to an optimistic future in eco-friendly construction activity.

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1. The excellent eco-friendly material - timber

One way of ecologically friendly construction practice is sourcing materials from local resources, another direction that helps to minimise the ecological footprint is choosing such materials that are renewable, sustainable, durable, and ensure energy efficiency. According to several sources, timber is still regarded as one of the top materials in house construction that meets these requirements. Plus, it is very pleasing that many European countries take measures to save and augment this remarkable and versatile resource.

Among the European countries with the most forest cover, Latvia ranks 5th with forests covering more than 50 % of the country’s territory. More so, according to Latvia’s National Forest Inventory (NFI) statistics, a total area of 38 636 ha of forest area was regenerated in 2016. More than 50 % of all Latvian forests are certified in accordance with the PEFC system. Together with our historical craftsmanship with wood, here in Latvia, we can easily have access to locally sourced, sustainable timber of excellent quality..

2. The sustainability of modular homes

Timber is one of the greenest renewable materials, but sustainability in terms of longevity of the construction is also a key aspect. Everybody wants to build a house that would last for longer than, say, 10 or 20 years. A building that will last for a lifetime is a priority, right?

Luckily we live in Europe and our local building traditions are now more than ever encouraging environmentally safe and enduring constructions. Perhaps there is still some hesitation towards modular housing as an option to apartment buildings, due to the fact that they are built faster. However, faster building does not immediately mean that the house will also fall apart more quickly.

Yes, the time it takes to produce modules is significantly shorter, but that is not directly linked to the durability of the structure. In the base of the structure, timber frame can be used, which is known for its endurance. To ensure the highest quality, tried-and-tested standardised solutions are being used in the production along with a strict quality control policy. On average, the building of modules in factory also comprises the optimisation of the recyclable materials in the process, which means we can also minimise the waste. Thus, the production of modules opens up larger possibilities in overall sustainability, compared to traditional building methods.

3. Turnkey solutions for your convenience

The huge advantage modular house building provides is its turnkey construction solutions, meaning that the houses are fabricated in factory and ready-made delivered on the site. The houses come with finished interior and exterior cladding and are fully equipped with lights, switches and sockets, electric current, heating, plumbing, sanitation and ventilation systems. On the site, the only work to be done is assembly together with the installation of communications and hatches.

The factory fabrication process of modules also contributes to the sustainability. In construction, sustainability also encompasses taking into consideration material’s suitability for the climate in which it is used. While some materials hold up well in cool environments, they may degrade in humid, hot areas.

Firstly, serious consideration of material degradation and replacement is needed to ensure overall eco-friendliness. Secondly, it is very beneficial if the production itself can protect the material from any of these environmental factors. Modular house production triumphs in this aspect as well. Because modular homes are built in a factory in a controlled temperature and humidity, the risk of mold, rust and sun damage is eliminated. Such damage may lead to human respiratory problems, so this, in turn, protects the health of the workforce and, primarily, people who are going to inhabit the building.

4. More time on your hands

The building of modular apartment houses excels in convenience for you as a client and the services you employ. Another strong point that comes with this is the time you can save by choosing this method. The construction process of a building of any kind is a lengthy process itself and involves a lot of steps. Choosing modular houses does not guarantee erecting and finishing a building in lightspeed. However, the time it takes to factory-produce a prefabricated modular house is significantly lower compared to traditional building methods.

Using modular solutions makes it possible to perform several tasks at the same time. For example, here at TIVO, we have acquired a significant experience in modular house building technology. With experience, a consequential technology in the manufacturing of modules can be developed, which allows to speed up the fabrication process, as well as instigate an advanced quality control system.

While the manufacturing process of modules takes place at the factory, it is possible to simultaneously carry out the preparatory works on the site like groundworks, erection of foundations and construction of utility networks. You can have more time on your hands to deal with the paperwork or any other work to be done, all in all, shortening the time of the project deadline.

5. Overall reduced costs

Reduced time on your project means reduced costs, because time is money – right? While no construction project is cheap, building modular apartment houses is a significantly cheaper option compared to other methods. In addition, the manufacturing and construction process of modular homes are easier to control and predict, which makes it simpler for the company to estimate the costs of the project and foresee any possible risks. You probably desire to have full confidence in a positive outcome of your construction project. Thus, by employing an experienced company that specialises in timber-based modular technology for your apartment building project you can feel more at ease that the result will be just like you expected in terms of time and costs.To sum it up, building timber modular apartment homes are not just a fad trend in the construction industry. These solutions surely are the future of construction, not only because they are convenient and economical, but also because of the environmentally-friendly and sustainable nature of timber material and the production process of modules.

About TIVO

TIVO is a prefabricated timber frame and modular house manufacturer located in Latvia. Now, with 25 years of experience in the construction field, our company provides structural engineering, architecture, manufacturing and construction services in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark and Latvia. If you consider building your next project with prefabricated modular technology, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us via email, or by clicking on this site, to find out what we can offer to make your business or private project come to life!

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