5 Ways To Ensure Good Remote Project Management

Working on construction projects can be a challenge itself. But when you have to do that while being in a different country, it is an entirely different story. Nevertheless, this is the way most of TIVO projects are organised and fulfilled. By looking at our finished projects and customer testimonials, you can see that we do our job well and our clients are happy with the outcome. 

Everything from file sharing with remote construction workers to internal messaging is constructed in a way to maximise efficiency and ensure feedback loop. Here will be the top 5 tools and how we use them.

TIVO HOUSES Tromso Camping Assembly
Modular house assembly process in Tromso, Norway

1. Video Conferencing

With clients, we use video conferencing to get to know the person better. This is extremely important at the start of the project to build mutual trust. Video enables to convey more information and emotions. Often there might be some important details left out because of the lack of follow up questions. Seeing the other persons feelings during a call allows to better understand the other person and give feedback when necessary. A lot of our employees travel abroad for projects. Video conferencing is the best way how to keep them in the loop. Often screen sharing is another vital instrument we use when discussing engineering, manufacturing or construction solutions. By seeing the same thing and visually focusing on it, our project teams assure that everyone is on the same page.

2. File Sharing

In our line of work, there is a considerable movement of documents. Our employees need to access these documents from any place in the work. Therefore, we are maintaining a secure file server which allows remote access when necessary. This way, we make sure that there is always only one version of a document, and anyone from the project team can access it when needed.

3. Project Chats 

As mentioned before, everyone in our project team is kept in the loop through regular briefs. But sometimes there has to be a quick decision in order not to stop the project flow. That’s why everyone from the team is added to the particular project chat group. Most decisions and communication regarding the project happens here. Everyone can join in the discussion and ensure to reach the best solution possible. 

4. Project Management Software

Managing multiple engineering, manufacturing and construction projects all at once is a challenge. To keep it all in one place, we use project management software. Every task from the first communication with a client to handing off the project will eventually go through here. With the help of built-in resource management solutions, TIVO managers can analyse workflows and resource distribution.

5. Website Management Software

Finally, to reach more of our potential partners and customers, we are doing our best to communicate information through our website. A lot of work goes into choosing the right vendor for timer frame panel and modular houses. We want to make this process easier by providing free information and resources to get started. And when the customer wants to reach out to us, we make sure it can be quickly done through our website

Even when using all these tools, face-to-face meetings are often the best way to go. Therefore, internally we hold regular briefs in various stages of the project. This ensures that everyone on our team is on the same page and involved in decision making. 

With the right mix of digital and conventional management techniques, we stay on top of projects and make the best quality products.

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