Benefits of building prefabricated houses in winter

A widespread myth of construction is that it can only happen in “warm months” or more precisely summer. We are here to debunk this myth by showing how prefabricated timber frame panel and modular technology makes winter construction not only possible but often even a better option.

Traditional construction methods involve building most of the structure under a clear sky. Dependency on weather turns this into time and quality constraints. Harsh winter weather lengthens the construction period, and rainy weather in summer can do the same. 


The conclusion is that less time spent under a clear sky at a construction site is a good thing.

That is where the prefabricated timber frame panel and modular technology comes in. As the name suggests, the house structure is prefabricated in a factory under the roof. That makes this part of the construction independent of the weather. Additional quality checks and well thought out production line increases both time and quality compliance.

If it is a panel house, the elements are delivered to the site and assembled in only a matter of days, reducing the weather dependency to the minimum. However, if it is a modular structure, the whole assembly process and also almost complete internal finishing happens at the factory in a controlled environment.

And now to the big question. Why does prefabricated timber frame house technology make construction in winter a viable and even a better option? In the end, it all boils down to the economic factor of the construction process. Most construction companies have their hands full in the summertime. Comes the winter and there’s less work to do. While this is bad for the construction companies, it can work in favour of the client. Big projects are usually under construction in summer, meaning that a regular future house owner would have to compete for production place with big development companies. As companies like us are interested in a steady flow of production, we are willing to come forth with more flexible pricing options for individual projects in the winter period.

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