Mar 13 | 5 min read

Working on construction projects can be a challenge itself. But when you have to do that while being in a different country, it is an entirely different story. Nevertheless, this is the way most of TIVO projects are organised and fulfilled. By looking at our finished projects and customer testimonials, you can see that we do our job well and our clients are happy with the outcome….

Jan 23 | 7 min read

For the future first time, homeowners navigating different options and solutions of the construction world may seem very overwhelming. Combining your wishes and needs while staying within a reasonable budget is no easy task. It takes years of construction and design experience to make these thigs work together. That’s why we have gathered some of the essential points to help you get started…

Nov 25 | 4 min read

Take a moment to recall how have you changed your everyday routine to become more environmentally cautious. Many people have adjusted their lifestyle for the greater good. They cycle, sort their trash, use glass water bottles, etc….

Sep 5 | 4 min read

A widespread myth of construction is that it can only happen in “warm months” or more precisely summer. We are here to debunk this myth by showing how prefabricated timber frame panel and modular technology makes winter construction not only possible but often even a better option…

Jan 28 | 10 min read

Environmental impact is becoming an increasingly topical issue among many economic spheres. It is especially important to talk about it in context of the construction industry, which is traditionally regarded as more hazardous on our environment compared to other industrial sectors. With 2015 UN Paris climate summit agreement to move towards zero net greenhouse-gas emissions, more governments…

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