Modular cabins in Tromso

One of our latest projects was designing, manufacturing and assembly of 22 timber frame modular cabins for Tromso Camping in Norway, Tromso. The module signature element is the roof panorama windows. The cabin design allows their guests to have great Northern light and Polar night experience. In a compact space of 20 m², there is a bathroom with full amenities, bedroom with room for up to 4 people and a small kitchen unit.

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All of the 22 modular units went through our custom manufacturing process. At the start, raw materials are prepared and delivered to frame panel stations, where the workers put them together to make panels. Later at the assembly station, the panels are then fitted together, windows installed, and the structure of the cabin start to visualize. Which serves as a queue for the electricians, plumbers and internal finishers. These are the final stages of the manufacturing process. Afterwards, the module is ready to be delivered to the building site.


The delivery process of modular buildings can be very tricky as they exceed the standard cargo measurements. Therefore, the first stage delivery from the factory to the harbour happened during the night, with the help of local transport authorities. The modules then were safely placed on a cargo ship to Tromso. After a safe voyage, the modules arrived in Norway. They were ready to be delivered to the building site and start the assembly process.


The assembly process was a particular challenge because the work took place in the time of a year when there is polar night in Tromso. After fitting the site with powerfull lights, the process could start. One by one, the modules arrived at the site and were then placed on the pre-laid foundation. Then the modules are connected to an external power source and plumbing tubes.

The cabins are ready

The cabins are now prepared to welcome its first guests. We hope that our cosy cabins combined with the magnificent scenery of the Tromso region will be the basis for many vacations yet to come. 

We are now looking forward and are ready to start working on a new project in the region. If you are looking for construction partners, be sure to give us a message. 

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